Towards Resuming Church Activities

June 14, 2020
To the Parishioners of Ome Church

Catholic Ome Church
Parish Priest: Fr. Jong Ahn Lee
Committee Chairman: Noboru Fujio

Towards Resuming Church Activities
Since the lifting of the declaration of the state of emergency on the 25 th of last May,
public schools in Tokyo and Chiba have reopened, and small gatherings have been
permitted subject to taking precautionary measures against COVID-19 infection.
On the 10 th of June, the Archdiocese of Tokyo announced “Towards Resuming
Church Activities,” which are guidelines for step-by-step resumption of public masses in the
various parishes.
Ome Church will resume public masses under these guidelines. Here, we would
like to thank all Ome Church parishioners for your perseverance and cooperation for the
sake of protecting life, amidst spiritual thirst, despite the suspension of public masses since
the day after Ash Wednesday. As we continue to coexist with the coronavirus, we must
search for the ideal form that the church should take. We therefore ask for your further
understanding and cooperation.
“Basic Guidelines set out by Archdiocese of Tokyo”
– Avoid the 3Cs: 1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation, 2. Crowded places, and
3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.
– Try not to catch or spread the coronavirus.
– Provide opportunities to participate in the sacraments in order to promote
spiritual unity.

I. Church Activities Will Resume in Stages from the 21 st of June.
The Archdiocese of Tokyo will establish four stages for resuming church activities.
We are currently at “Stage 4” and will shift to “Stage 3” starting the 21 st of June.
II. Please note that the following are necessary conditions for resuming masses.
1. In order to keep a distance of 2 meters from each other while inside the church, we have
to limit the number of people who can enter the church.
◎ We will have two masses on Sundays. Morning mass will start at 8:30 and afternoon
mass at 4:00. Mass on Saturday will start at 7:30 in the evening, as has been the case
up to now.
Mass at 11:00 in the morning will be held at Akiruno Church. Therefore, there will be no
mass at Ome Church at this time. Note that weekday masses will not be open to the
public. There will be no 10:00 AM masses (including first Friday masses). Also, please
refrain from going out in search of another church where mass is celebrated.
◎ Ome Church parishioners will be divided into two groups according to where you live.
Group A: Parishioners who reside in Ome City except “Shin-machi”
Group B: Parishioners who reside outside Ome or in “Shin-machi” in Ome
Note: The mass to attend will be changed every month.
If you find it very difficult to attend the masses for your group, due to the

unavailability of public transport, for example, consult a member of the
committee. You will be able to attend a mass at another time.
Mass Schedule
June 8:30 AM (Group A) 4:00 PM (Group B)
July 8:30 AM (Group B) 4:00 PM (Group A)
August 8:30 AM (Group A) 4:00PM (Group B)

◎ In order to keep a distance of 2 meters from each other while inside the church, the
partition will be removed to enable the church hall to be used as an extension of the
worshipping area. We will also assign the seats for you to use. Please take a marked
2. At the present stage (Stage 3), we are requesting elderly parishioners, those who have a
chronic illness, or those who are apprehensive about their state of health to pray at
Please note that all such parishioners in the Tokyo Archdiocese are exempted from their
obligation to attend Sunday mass.
*Elderly parishioners will be able to attend masses at “Stage 2” of the four stages of
church activities defined by the Archdiocese of Tokyo.
*If you cannot attend mass and wish to receive Holy Communion, please let us know so
that the parish priest may visit you at your house on a weekday.
3. Please take proper precautions against COVID-19 such as hand disinfection, providing
sufficient ventilation, and ensuring that everyone is wearing face masks.
◎ Please refrain from attending mass if you or your family has had a fever during the past
seven days.
◎ Please submit your “Health Report Card” (shown separately) when you come to church.
You will be required to write your name, telephone number, and also your temperature
on that day.
*The data in the card that you submit will be used only when a coronavirus infection
has occurred. It will be discarded after the lapse of four weeks.
4. From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of airborne droplets, For the time being we
will not sing together during mass. Also, as a general rule, there will be no organ playing
or solo singing.
◎ During mass, we will use “The Sunday Liturgy,” but not the “Catholic Hymns for Mass.”
◎ As a general rule, we will not use acolytes at mass.
5. For the time being, there will be no offertory procession during the mass. When receiving
communion, please take off your face mask quietly. Also, for the time being, please refrain
from receiving the host in your mouth (on your tongue).
◎ Please place your offering in the collection bag in front of the cry room before the mass
◎ Please keep an adequate distance from persons adjacent to you.
6. We will hold funerals while taking appropriate measures to prevent infection. We ask
you, however, to refrain from attending funerals for the time being.

7. For the time being, please refrain from holding gatherings or meetings other than
masses as a general rule.
8. If you become infected with the coronavirus, please consult Ome Church. In such cases
including infection on the site of the Seibo Kindergarten, we will take prompt action such as
contacting Nishi-Tama Health Center and the Archdiocese of Tokyo, and follow their


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